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Special Programs for Hilton Hotel Group Franchisees

As Hilton Worldwide encourages modernatization and improved guest experience with the fiber 2022 initiative, they have teamed up with several providers to access specialized group rates for praticipating hotels.

  • No Hassel Review

    If you haven't done an assement of your service providers in the last couple of years, dramatic pricing changes can really help your bottom line. Hilton has negotiated specalized rates with various carriers to help you get the best pricing for services. The carriers cover the cost of our engagement fees to make it hassel free for your hotel to engage.

  • Managed Wifi

    Beyond ISP services we can help with managed wifi to take the guess work out of a great guest experience and ensure that wifi issues are a thing of the past.

  • Better Internet Service

    Qualifying your site for better internet is just a call away. We are working with Lumen, Spectrum, ATT and several others to bring you the best avalible rates for your property. Let's make sure you have the best rate for your current service.

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