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COVID-19 Update
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COVID-19 - 03/17/2019

Helping businesses do business in these tryping times.

  • Current Restrictions

    In North Carolina the guidance is to restrict or avoid groups of 50 or more. The Federal recommendation is to avoid groups of 10 or more. This can almost make it seem impossible to continue business as usual. We are dedicated to helping small to mid-size busienss get up and running quickly to avoid a down turn during these usual times.

  • Work from Home

    With proper configuration we can get your business up and running within just a couple days to allow employees to work from home. Answer a few short questions on our doc below and we can give you a quick call to configure the system.

  • Business Mobile Apps

    Avoid the need to deploy telephones at remote worker homes with our Business Mobile app. Calls ring directly into the app and maintain monitoring, reporting, and recording needed by administration.

  • Complementary Installation and Phones

    In an effort to support small busienss with this new challenge we will offer our deployment services at no charge for business under 10 phones and heavily discounted for other businesses. All 3 year contracts current can receive free phones.

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